The Over Side of the Hill

Beginning my 53rd year.  Seems unreal.  I do not feel any different than I did when I began my 20th year.  A little more seasoned, is all.  Hopefully, making better choices.  (But still forget sunscreen half the time.)  Experienced enough to know that the times I want to stab my husband in the neck and the times I want to stab myself will pass.

Here are some things I’ve learned about myself:

  1. The best thing to do when I’m feeling blue is to be around people who make me smile.
  2. Being around people for too long leads to some much needed alone time.
  3. I love a nap.
  4. Napping is a sign that I don’t have enough interesting things to do.
  5. I’d still rather read a book old school style – with pages and a cover.
  6. I cry because I’m angry, not because I’m sad.
  7. No matter how much I hate the idea of it, exercise makes me feel better.
  8. No matter how much I love junk food, eating better makes me feel better.
  9. Seven and eight will always be a struggle for me.
  10. I’m dog people.  Cats are cute and all, but I love dogs.
  11. It’s never too late to try something new.
  12. “Good” food is a matter of taste more than execution.
  13. I prefer a smaller house and less stuff.
  14. I’d rather have money to travel than have cool things.
  15. Photos of my travels are better than t-shirts and souvenirs.
  16. Being a grandmother doesn’t make one feel old, it makes one feel young.
  17. Never make someone choose between you and the one they love.  You’ll always lose.
  18. I will always miss my grandmother too much on my birthday.
  19. It may not seem like much to me but it may be very important to someone else.  And vice-versa.
  20. Quality time spent with my best friend will erase anything bad that happened before it.

And now the weather is cooling and the apples are turning red.  Soon the leaves will change and we’ll slide into my favorite time of year.  Now with more kayak!

2 thoughts on “The Over Side of the Hill

  1. I may be a cat person. The dog attacked me and I’m still bleeding and pretty shook up. I guess cats have done that too. But I’m not afraid of cats.

    Kayaking was fun 🙂 Imagine with the fall colors? That’ll be sweet!

    I agree completely with all your findings. I’m thinking of moving out of my house and living in a teardrop camper right now. Like today. I’d rather have experiences than stuff. I’d rather have intact skin and clothing than this dog. Some experiences I did not wish to have. Dog bite lacerations was one of them.

    Sorry, I may be a little perseverative at the moment.

    Who has to choose? I hope this is a past choice opportunity :-/

    • I’m sorry about the dog. That sucks. Best to kick him to the curb now. Maybe he’s one that will only work with a single owner. Or maybe he just needs more training, which they should have done before trying to pawn him off adopt him out. If he’s making you bleed and afraid, he’s not my favorite dog either.

      I’ve gone from being fascinated with Tiny Houses to Vintage Campers. I don’t know why. If I wanted to work that hard and spend that much money, I would just redo the downstairs bathroom.

      I had the weirdest dream last night. And you were in it. I’ll tell you about it tonight. I think I figured out why, too.

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